Some Black owned/managed IG and/or FB  

Sustainably Minded Groups 


Black Girl Environmentalist - IG and FB 

Black Girl Environmentalist is an intergenerational community dedicated to empowering Black girls, women and non-binary people across environmental disciplines 


 Growing and Growth Collective - Columbus group – IG and FB 

We are collectively rooted through urban agriculture to improve health outcomes and civic engagement 


Black Queer Green – Cleveland - IG 

Sustainability | Part of the Solution 


 Being Green While Black - IG 

Visually reclaiming the greenness of Blackness 


 Red Black & Green New Deal - IG 

The Red Black & Green New Deal is an initiative designed to catalyze Black people to take action on the impact of the climate crisis on Black Lives. 


 Bad Activist Collective (offline for now!) - IG  

A collective of change-makers, artists, story-tellers and activists dismantling perfectionism & fighting for liberation for people & the planet. Not on Facebook. 


BlackForager  - Columbus – IG and FB 

Food sovereignty meets fun! I’m Alexis Nikole and I... really like foraging! 


Get Leafy Products - IG and FB 

Leafy is a Black Owned Columbus Ohio’s first eco-friendly brand. Swap out that big box toilet paper that's full of harsh chemicals and wastes our natural resources by switching to Leafy! Our all natural, chemical free, super soft bamboo toilet paper is comparable in price to the big box brands and is healthier for you and the planet! 

@getleafyproducts #getleafy 


Ecowomanist Institute – IG and FB 

We are ecowomanists. Our mission is to increase the inclusion, ecological awareness, and environmental leadership of African American women. 


Color My Outdoors - IG and FB 

Color My Outdoors is committed to changing the outdoor narrative to celebrate people of color.   #colormyoutdoors 


Climate in Colour - IG 

Award-winning accessible + diverse climate conversations 


 OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon  

OPAL is a community organizing & advocacy organization working with low-income & communities of color. Building power for environmental justice and civil rights for our communities.